Do you need your low-voltage motor with thermocouples or with a mounted frequency converter? Tell us your specifications. We configure electric motors for special applications and special site conditions.

Modifications of low-voltage motors

With experienced technical staff and a component store, where forced cooling fans, switches, plugs and other items required for conversion are available in large numbers, we fulfill almost every wish to supply the right electric motor for your system. We are also happy to implement unusual customizations of single-phase motors, two-speed motors and other low-voltage motors at short notice or on a project basis.
For installation in hazardous areas, the motors can be modified to Zone 2 and/or Zone 22.

Zone designations:
Zone 2 (according to the old designation) = II 3G Ex nA II(B, C) T(2, 3, 4)
Zone 2 (new designation) = II 3G Ex ec II(B, C) T(2, 3, 4)
Zone 22 = II 3D Ex tc III(B, C) T125°C

Higher degrees of protection or other zones on request.
Our IEC standard motors are available in all mounting types to meet your requirements.

The terminal box is mounted "on top". For motors with aluminum housing, the terminal box position can be changed to the left or right side (viewed from the drive end). For cast iron enclosures, the terminal box position can also be changed to the side, depending on the project.
As a standard, the terminal box is located close to the drive end.
For applications where installation conditions are tight, i.e. space is limited, turning the terminal box can be a solution. The terminal box housing is then close to the non-drive end.

For motors with aluminum housings, the feet can be screwed on and off as required.

For vertical installation (especially outdoors) with the shaft downwards, a protective roof is recommended.
We upgrade your electric motor for use at elevated ambient temperatures up to 120 °C. In addition to selecting the appropriate insulation class H, we also configure the motor protection and ventilation solutions required in each case.
The motors are equipped with radial fans made of plastic or aluminum which provide cooling independently of the motor’s direction of rotation (IC 411 according to DIN EN 60034-6).
If this cooling is not sufficient, a forced cooling fan can be installed.
For your special application we supplement your electric motor with an optical, magnetic incremental value encoder or an absolute value encoder that provides you with precise digitally measured values. Please contact us to find the right solution for your application, as there is a large variety of rotary encoders.
For applications in environments with dusty air and humidity, an upgrade of the IP protection level is recommended.
Our motors are manufactured as standard in IP55 according to DIN EN 60529. We also offer our motors with IP 56, 65 and 66 as an option.
Special surface finishes, layer thicknesses and color coding according to RAL can be implemented according to your requirements.
Coatings can be applied in thicknesses C2, C3, C4 and C5.
The motors are equipped with high-quality ball bearings from renowned manufacturers. A detailed list of the bearing types as well as the permissible axial and radial loads can be found in our catalog.

We adapt the bearing concept of your motor to your specific application, e.g. by using cylindrical roller bearings for increased radial loads, or current-insulated rolling bearings, e.g. for frequency converter operation.

If necessary, we equip the motors with a regreasing device.
Various protective devices are available to protect the motor against thermal overload:

- Thermal resistance in the form of a PTC thermistor
- Motor protection switch in the form of a bimetallic thermal switch (PTO) or PT100 / PT1000

Please contact us if you need advice or further information on this topic.
As a "Plug and Play" solution we offer various switches and connector combinations, from Harting connectors to SSK or according to your individual requirements. We also offer motors with cables routed out for connection.
We can supply motors with approvals according to the requirements for use on ships (e.g. DNV, GL, etc.).
With the aid of a device (e.g. VIB code) you can attach a sensor to the motor to monitor the vibration behavior.
For operating conditions with high humidity or high temperature fluctuations, a space heater is recommended. This prevents condensation inside the motor when the motor is at a standstill.
In areas where the winding is exposed to tropical climatic conditions, a motor design with special tropical insulation of the winding is recommended.
The modified winding can be operated at a relative humidity of up to 90%.
On request, the motor can also be operated in areas with more than 90% relative humidity by using a special winding insulation.
If you are planning to ship motors to the United States or Canada, you need UL approval. Our motors are approved and certified according to the required safety standards. AC-Motoren GmbH is also certified to carry out modifications on UL-approved motors.
Your individual specs are not on the list? No problem. Send us an e-mail or contact us by phone. Our experts will be happy to help you.

Works like Clockwork

We adapt high-quality low-voltage motors for almost every application such as fans, pumps, shredders, compressors, hydraulic units and choppers.

Low-voltage motors with frequency converter

With frequency converters you can bring your low-voltage motor to high performance even at low speeds. We upgrade your low-voltage motor up to 22 kW with frequency converters – mounted on the motor or as a wall-mounted unit close to the motor.
Your benefits
  • Drive package ready for immediate commissioning
  • Fast delivery from stock for all frame sizes
  • 0.37 kW to 22.0 kW power range
  • Robust and compact die-cast housing
  • High temperature and vibration resistance
  • Integrated SoftPLC

Quickly adapt something?

With lean structures and a diverse stock, we are ready to support you with large and small projects. Contact us – we speak your language: German, Polish, French, English, and "Tech Talk".
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