In our 16,000 sqm warehouse there are countless variants of electric motors available for you. Immediate availability ensures fast delivery ex works and maximum flexibility. With our global, reliable network of partners we meet virtually any special requirement you might have for your electric motor.
Niederspannungsmotoren - AC Motoren
Mittelspannungsmotoren - AC Motoren
Medium and High-
Voltage Motors
Frequenzumrichter - AC Motoren

Optimized for your application

Our low-voltage motors are used in fans, pumps, shredders, compressors, hydraulic power units and choppers. For special operating situations we modify your motor according to your requirements and upgrade electric motors for exceptional site conditions.

You would like to have your electric motor modified? Contact us!
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Electric motors from certified manufacturers

We obtain our low-voltage motors from certified international dealers and manufacturers from a long-standing network.

Geared up for every requirement: If you want to deliver to the US or Canada, we provide you with a current UL approval. Please check out our download area for other available certificates and standards. Contact us if you want to buy a low voltage motor or are looking for a specific electric motor.
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