Frequency converters

We offer decentralized frequency converters directly mounted on the motor or wall-mounted versions, close to the motor, up to 22 kW. A wide variety of options are configurable and available at short notice.

For various electric motors

Frequency converters can be integrated into motors and supplied as a complete drive unit. This not only increases efficiency, but also intelligently supports your applications. To serve as a link for integration, various bus systems, such as Profi Net, are available. The robust and compact design of our converters guarantees high temperature and vibration resistance while still allowing adaptation to your specific requirements. Our product range covers the power ranges from 0.37 kW to 22 kW – ask us if you have specific requirements, such as special connections or protective measures.

You need an electric motor with specific features?
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Perfect optimized

All our low-voltage motors can be optimized with a mounted frequency converter. Ask about it and let us advise you.