With a frequency converter you extend the possibilities of control and individual adaptation many times over. Our decentralized converters save or reduce the costs of control cabinets. In a tight installation environment, it is also possible to mount the converter close to the motor. In addition, we offer all available BUS systems so that you can integrate converters into your overall system concept.

Our product range
for frequency converters

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Power0.55 - 22 kW
Frame size80 - 200
Voltage3 x 200 VAC -10% … 480 VAC + 10%
Frequency0 - 400 Hz
Protection classIP55
Efficiency class-
Insulation classF/B
ColorRAL 7030 (stone grey)
MountingIM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IM B14, IM B34
Type of coolingIC 411 self-cooled, IC 416 forced-air cooling
Coolant temperatureStandard: -20 °C to +40 °C
Installation altitude1000 m above sea level
Housing materialup to frame size 132 – aluminum
from frame size 160 – cast iron
Direction of rotationclockwise / counter-clockwise