If you ship to the United States or Canada, you need UL approval. Our motors are approved and certified according to American UL standards.

UL approval for AC motors

Upon request, UL certification can be found on the rating plate of our low-voltage motors.

Our motors are certified in accordance with the American Standard(s) for Safety:
UL 1004-1 Standard for Electric Motors
CSA C22.2 No. 100 - Motors and Generators

NEMA and CC:
The IE3 UL motors are electrically designed according to NEMA MG 1-12

Our CC number is: CC325B

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The focus of UL approval is on the possible occurrence of fires and personal injury. Although the UL label, in contrast to the CE marking in Germany, is not required by law anywhere, electrically powered products in particular are rarely if ever sold on the US market without UL certification. The UL mark is one of the most important indicators of safety and fire protection there.
Since its foundation in 1894, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has been testing products for the American market in order to establish safety standards in both industrial and private environments. Testing is carried out according to specially developed procedures and strict test criteria. Although the UL label is not required by law, the use of non-certified devices in the US can lead to the loss of insurance cover. Wholesalers often refuse to supply appliances without a UL label, and building authorities, fire safety officers and inspectors often refuse to approve a product for installation in a building unless it bears a recognized seal of approval.
The UL label applies primarily to the USA, the CSA certificate in Canada. Both test marks mean that a product meets the applicable safety and performance standards. The UL and CSA marks have been awarded to our low-voltage motors by the independent US organization Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This organization tests and certifies the product safety of materials, components and end products.
A CC number has been applied for from the Department of Energy (DOE) for our IE3 UL motors. This is permanently affixed to the rating plate in the immediate vicinity of the UL logo.

UL certificate - safety in series and for individual pieces

The international nature of our customers results in deviations in the relevant safety regulations for some delivery countries.
The UL test mark is one of the most important marks in North America. All low-voltage motors in our range that are UL suitable have been extensively tested and UL certified by the independent testing institute Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
The following mechanical conversions are permitted:
Low-Voltage Motors
Medium and High-Voltage Motors
Frequency converters

Our product range for
motors with UL/CSA approval/certification

Power0.09 - 375 kW
Speed:3000 / 1500 / 1000 rpm
Frame size56 - 355
Voltage230/400 V, 400/690 V, 500 V
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Protection classIP55
Efficiency classIE1; IE2; IE3
IE3 motors incl. CC number
Insulation classF/B
ColorRAL 7030 (stone grey)
MountingIM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IM B14, IM B34
Type of coolingIC 411 self-cooled, IC 416 forced-air cooling
Coolant temperatureStandard: -20 °C to +40 °C
Installation altitude1000 m above sea level
Housing materialup to frame size 132 – aluminum
from frame size 160 – cast iron
Direction of rotationclockwise / counter-clockwise